Inservice, Maintenance and Shutdown

Inservice, Maintenance and Shutdown
In-service, Maintenance and Shutdown processes are complex and necessitate a collaborative approach. The single most influential factor in maintenance and shutdown management is the operating schedule. In order to maintain safe operations and optimal production levels, periodic maintenance and shutdowns must be carefully planned. We employed well-trained and certified professionals to ensure that your facility complies with effective Quality, Safety, HEALTH, and Environmental (QSHE) standards.
Proper planning and execution generate significant competitive advantages for your business, on-time and on-budget results. We are distinctively positioned to meet your requirements for your plant shutdown. We have a diverse pool of professionals with demonstrated shutdown expertise, and we take pride in using our own state-of-the-art equipment. We share a determined goal of accomplishing quality, safety, innovation, and client satisfaction.
  • Authorized API team for in-service and shutdown Inspection.
  • Equipment Assessment and Fitness For service.
  • Risk Based inspection.
  • Quality assurance and Quality control for repair and replacement.
  • QA/QC for material, welding, testing, refractory and coating.
  • Non-destructive testing and pressure test verification.
  • Equipment Re-validation & Certification.

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