Industry Inspection services

Industry Inspection services
TEST Company employs mechanical and electrical inspectors with industry experience and expertise to conduct vendor and site inspections for clients. Provides high-quality independent inspection services that enable asset owners to gain and keep control of their equipment. Our commitment ensures reliability and regularity in the quality of our services. Our approach enables us to develop an efficient strategy and complete services that emphasize crystal clear and appropriate reporting of critical information.
Among our services are:

  • Mechanical Inspection For fabrication, construction and Final product.
  • Expediting Inspection for Miscellaneous equipments and products like skid mounted equipment, fin- fan, exchanger, vessel, reactor, boiler, tanks, compressor, HRSG, piping, pipeline, steel structure, valve, pumps and others.
  • Welding Inspection, W.P.S/ P.Q.R qualification and welder/welding operator qualification
  • NDT Services both Conventional & advanced
  • Visual, Dimensional, and Assembly Inspection
  • Insulation, Refractory and Coating Inspection
  • Validation and certification of functionality and performance.

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