Course Goals

Provide the candidate with the knowledge and skills involved in operating a pressure test, considering safety and documentation requirements.

Upon completion of this training program, the participant shall understand pressure test to safely monitor and perform the test.


Course Target

Individuals who are needed to perform pressure testing, whether during normal operations or maintenance, will benefit from this training.

The course can also be used to update the knowledge of persons who perform pressure testing on a regular basis and have become less conscious of the dangers and risks involved.

This program targets the following:

  • Pressure Test Operator/Technician
  • QC Inspectors
  • Individuals who may monitor the pressure test
  • Individuals who may exist near the test area
  • As a refresher for engineers concerned with pressure testing
  • Management, with whom it is required to be familiarized with pressure testing


Course Outline

This course is designed and focuses on these requirements:

  • Understand the Basic Principles of Pressure Test
  • Determine the Equipment/s and Tools Required to Perform Pressure Test
  • How to Calculate the Test Pressure
  • How to Prepare the System for Pressure Test
  • How to Monitor and Control the System During the Test
  • What After the Pressure Test?
  • Documentation
  • Safety Precautions

  • Course Location


  • Course Language


  • Daily hours


  • No. of Days


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