Course Goals

The course is designed to prepare the delegate to safety erect and dismantle basic scaffolding to a height of two lifts with safe access and egress. To develop the skills and knowledge required for Scaffolding erector to carry out their duties safely and efficiently whilst erecting and dismantling scaffolds in the workplace, and identify the hazards of erecting and dismantling under various conditions in the workplace environment.

Course Target

Any person of legal age, whom their job is to erect or dismantle scaffolding as part of their job

Course Outline

Course Enabling Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the trainee should be able to:

  • Introduction to Scaffolding & Scaffolding Terminology
  • Regulation, Codes of Practice
  • Identify types and designs of scaffolds
  • Determine the hazards associated during erection, dismantling, altering and using of scaffolds.
  • Specify the General Requirements for Frame, Tubes and couplers, and System Scaffolds
  • Determine the Specific Safety Rules and Steps Associated with the Erection of Frame, Tube & Clamp and System Scaffolding
  • Identify Personal protective equipment (PPE), Safety Harness & Fall Arrest System
  • Employ the fall protection procedures during erection and use of scaffolds
  • Discuss the accidents, injuries and fatality statistics
  • Identify the Major Items to Consider when Performing a Scaffold Inspection.
  • Tools used in Scaffolding operations
  • Scaffolding safe practices
  • Foundations and clearances

  • Course Location

  • Course Language


  • Daily hours


  • No. of Days


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