Course Goals

Apprentices will be able to perform inspections and start-up, operating, and shut-down procedures on excavators from various manufacturers while adhering to established safety rules and precautions as well as operating concepts and procedures.

Course Target

The Excavator Operation course is designed for anyone who uses or works with Earth Moving Equipment.

All personnel or anyone of legal age.

Course Outline

This course is designed for those who operate and/or work with excavators.

The following subjects are addressed:

  • Excavator's basic components.
  • Examining the excavator.
  • Operator obligations and safety precautions.
  • Transporting the excavator around the jobsite.
  • Use of hand signals.
  • Trenching and excavation.
  • Excavator-assisted lifting.
  • Excavator transportation.

Excavator Operator Course
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